Anatomy of Chaos

Anatomy of Chaos

Randomness may dictate outcome, but even with the infinite possibilities, there is a familiarity and the start of a complex system/structure beginning to take shape. The images themselves mirror Salton Sea, an ode to its beautiful dying. And in it’s dying, a new life to be. The infinity of continuum.

Body Fluids

I’m exploring time and its effect on materialty of film. The gestation process mirrors our beginnings. 

Strangeness of the Eternal

What is the blessing of unknowing? What is the power in incomprehension? 

Subtle Silence

O mother, my Other;
I weep for you , forever with you
I weep for I ,
For maybe, this is life untrue.


'The Night Of The Man' explores the YSL brand through introspection and its' identity. What keeps the man awake at night? What are the demons one confronts at night?